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Covid-19 Lockdown Support

Like many organisations in this sector, 1to1 has had to shift our traditional mode of socio-spatial support to respond to the changing needs of the people we work with and our project partners. In addition, the de-densification push by government was a major hurdle in this shifting lansdscape: This has included working with a host…

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1to1 Joins the Asivikalane Campaign!

In support of the massive cross sectoral efforts working through the lockdown, 1to1 has recently joined the Asivikalane Campaign, the initiative: “…provides a platform for residents in informal settlements to communicate severe water, sanitation and refuse removal shortages during the Covid-19 crisis. It is a growing network that already brings together 153 informal settlements in…

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Misereor Support

1to1 has recently gained support from Misereor in the work we have been doing in inner-city Johannesburg. This support comes with a renewed collaboration with our partners in particular PlanAct, the Inner-City Resource Centre and SERI. Misereor supports many organisations in this sector, and 1to1 is very proud to accept this support and connect with…

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