1to1 has recently gained support from Misereor in the work we have been doing in inner-city Johannesburg. This support comes with a renewed collaboration with our partners in particular PlanAct, the Inner-City Resource Centre and SERI.

Inner-City Johannesburg Project Image: 1to1

Misereor supports many organisations in this sector, and 1to1 is very proud to accept this support and connect with such an established funder and their network:

“The development projects supported by MISEREOR are as diverse as the causes and faces of poverty. They all have one thing in common, though. They all focus on the whole human person. As well as satisfying basic needs such as food security, they also help ensure that human rights are upheld and the way is paved for the people concerned to live in dignity.”

Mission & Aim: Misereor

The work we are being supported by through Miseroer focusses on in-situ upgrading of informal settlements (including multiple story building in inner-city Johannesburg) and larger aim to address the processes of engagement, upgrading and cross-sectoral communication between actors and agents in this region. This comes at an important time in the organization’s growth as we enter our next phase of organizational development as 1to1 2.0.

We are looking forward to this partnership and welcome the support!