Covid-19 Lockdown Support

Like many organisations in this sector, 1to1 has had to shift our traditional mode of socio-spatial support to respond to the changing needs of the people we work with and our project partners. In addition, the de-densification push by government was a major hurdle in this shifting lansdscape: This has included working with a host…

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1to1 Joins the Asivikalane Campaign!

In support of the massive cross sectoral efforts working through the lockdown, 1to1 has recently joined the Asivikalane Campaign, the initiative: “…provides a platform for residents in informal settlements to communicate severe water, sanitation and refuse removal shortages during the Covid-19 crisis. It is a growing network that already brings together 153 informal settlements in…

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Misereor Support

1to1 has recently gained support from Misereor in the work we have been doing in inner-city Johannesburg. This support comes with a renewed collaboration with our partners in particular PlanAct, the Inner-City Resource Centre and SERI. Misereor supports many organisations in this sector, and 1to1 is very proud to accept this support and connect with…

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1to1 2.0 – a new chapter

1to1 will be adapting the organization more closely into a social enterprise venture, and will be shifting many of our practices structures to achieve this, in support of this goal we have completely reformed our Advisory Board and welcome our new board to our team.

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