Using a mixed technology approach, we have developed a digital projection tool that facilitates spatial planning and analysis for mixed stakeholder groups.

The system was developed to merge local knowledge and ‘expert’ knowledge into a singular, experiential spatial tool. The facilitation and engagement process around the tool was a crucial aspect of the system design. It was initially developed during a teaching course at the Unviersity of Sheffield’s Urban Design programme, and then later prototyped through the Backstory Project and tested across several platforms and partners.

Project Team

Project Collaborator List: [Backstory Collective] Sumayya Vally, Sarah De Villiers, Jhono Bennett, Liz Ogbu [Hactivate] Taylor Holloway, Joana Ferro, Nico Vermeulen, Debbie Benjamin, Euridice Paiva, Mudney Salim,  Binayka Rama; [Saturday Salon] Natache Lilonga and Tova Lubinsky, Sumayya Mohamed; [Picture Book] Miliswa Ndziba,  [Black Studio] Pandeani Liphosa, Aviwe Mandyanda

Project Funders/Supporters: South Point, ARUP, United States of America Embassy in South Africa [YALI Program]