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The Denver Playground was the final project conducted by AT in the 3 year engagement with the leadership and residents of Denver. During the Positive Numbers project, a local creche building was used for meetings, production of the panels and in the spatial enumeration with residents.

On top of the agreed hand-over of the co-developed Community Action Plan, studioATdenver research and data the Denver Playground upgrade was seen as an opportunity to leave behind a small, but tangible spatial upgrade.

Outside of this creche structure, there were the remains of small playground that was badly broken, but still used by the local children.

Through discussion with the local leadership it was agreed that a small-scale fix-up of the playground would be a good idea to close the 3 year engagement with.

The AT team worked with the Denver volunteers, local builders and suppliers to co-design and construct the playspace. Tyler B Murphy provided graphic support of a mural on the creche structure and construction work was supported by 1to1’s Taylor Holloway and Build a Future’s Stephen Hoffe.