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The Positive Numbers project was developed as one of the tangible outputs for the MOU through the 3 year engagement with the Denver leadership, residents and local NGO’s. The concept evolved from the challenges based in social enumeration and spatial planning in informal settlement upgrading processes.

The project involved linking the co-developed spatial development plan to the numbering process that typically involved spray-painting numbers on the sides of existing homes.

AT, working with Tyler B Murphy and local residents developed a system of sign making that , using colour coding, linked the spatial development to the social enumeration to allow for incremental neighborhood development to take place while waiting for governmental support.

This short film documents the process of the Positive Numbers Project which formed a part of a larger research initiative in Denver Settlement, Johannesburg in 2017.

The project was developed in partnership with active NGOs, signage and way-finding for residents in the settlement and links to the larger short-to-long term upgrading strategy of the Community Action Plan (CAP).

The Positive Numbers Project was a collaboration between the Aformal Terrain research collective and artist Tyler B. Murphy, supported by Open Societies Foundation: Higher Education Support Programme.