PublicActs/Johannesburg – Participatory Research within the Mai Mai Market

Jhono Bennett 1to1 Blog

The Kwa-Mai Mai socio-spatial action research intervention was the 6 week culmination of a critical process of engagement with the Kwa-Mai Mai Committee and the Mai Mai users. This intervention was facilitated as Act#5 and Act#6 of the PublicActs/Johannesburg ( programme curated by Katharina Rohde & Thireshen Govender

PARK(ing) Day – 2013 Johannesburg

suma0119 1to1 Blog

  “Streets are public spaces too” – Le Corbusier As a group of architects, planners, designers, artists, urbanites and users of our city, the 2013 Parking Day collective Joburg collaborated as a group of active researchers, seeking not merely to observe activity in public space, but to activate it: PARK(ing) Day is an annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and …