Socio-Technical Design

1to1 offers architectural, spatial and neighbourhood design services. This offering typically involves the co-design, creation and production of technical documents and design products such as buildings, public spaces, sanitation and energy systems, agricultural systems e.t.c

This service is tailored to support the personal or group development of the beneficiaries and are often aligned to the Knowledge Production, Action Learning and Advocacy services offered by 1to1.

Socio-Technical Research

1to1 offers field, desktop and participative research services. The research style that 1to1 employs is self-critical, grounded and aims to not only interpret information from a situation, but also feed into social and personal development of the beneficiaries and stakeholders involved. This work typically takes the form of community assessments, socio-spatial mapping, desktop research and systems analysis.

1to1’s research methods are embedded in Design Research and Design Thinking principles and this offering is often linked into the Knowledge Production, Teaching/Training Action Learning and Advocacy services. 

Facilitated Research Engagement

1to1 provides a facilitated research service that typically curates and facilitates a research experience between grassroot entities, academics/government/civil entities and a research area (usually a city or region). 1to1 aims to ensure a mutually beneficial exchange of time, learning and resources through these engagements and uses these experiences to ask critical questions about positionality, privilege and disadvantage and learning.

This service is typically offered to visiting researcher groups, universities or civil groups who are looking to understand a context better in a short period of time (usually a field trip or short course).

Socio-Technical Training/Teaching

1to1 provides a facilitated teaching/learning service. Depending on the context this service takes different forms but is embedded in action learning, design thinking and supports the growth of the beneficiaries and stakeholders through facilitated and systemic learning.

Typically, 1to1 has provide this service to university courses (design studios and coursework), government institutes, NGO’s and grassroots entities who have requested a tailored learning experience for a complex socio-spatial contexts and diverse learner groups.

1to1 believes that knowledge sharing and learning is not mono-directional. This service often brings in various context specific partners, and grassroots entities to broaden the learning experience and co-create learning systems rather.

Knowledge Production

1to1 provides a service that translates knowledge into accessible and packaged formats. This service is deeply informed by principles of communication design and user experience design and forms a critical aspect of 1to1’s Advocacy, Socio-Technical Training and Design work.

Typically, this service takes the form of reports, infographics, teaching content, short multimedia outputs and documentaries.


1to1 believes that Spatial Injustice lie at the root of many contemporary South African societal issues and in response focus our work towards addressing the systemic nature of this issue.

Our service offerings tie into a broader discourse of spatial literacy, critical self-reflection for practitioners and space-makers and meaningful forms of dialogue that support systemic change against all forms of inequality.