PublicActs/Johannesburg – Participatory Research within the Mai Mai Market

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The Kwa-Mai Mai socio-spatial action research intervention was the 6 week culmination of a critical process of engagement with the Kwa-Mai Mai Committee and the Mai Mai users. This intervention was facilitated as Act#5 and Act#6 of the PublicActs/Johannesburg ( programme curated by Katharina Rohde & Thireshen Govender

PARK(ing) Day – 2013 Johannesburg

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  “Streets are public spaces too” – Le Corbusier As a group of architects, planners, designers, artists, urbanites and users of our city, the 2013 Parking Day collective Joburg collaborated as a group of active researchers, seeking not merely to observe activity in public space, but to activate it: PARK(ing) Day is an annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and …

Catalan Cultural Immersion – Alexandra Township

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  Blanca Calvo is an architect from Barcelona, studying her masters in planning through the Mundus ,Urbano Programme while working as an intern at t1to1 – Agency of Engagement in South Africa. As part of her masters research, Blanca spent 2 weeks living in the Apartheid planned buffer strip of Marlboro South and Alexandra’s East Bank that separates Alexandra Township from …

UJ Vertical Studio 2013 – Downtown Johannesburg Spatial Interrogation: Jo’burg Child Welfare

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In the early part of 2013 1to1 – Agency of Engagement‘s Jhono Bennett was commissioned by the University of Johannesburg’s Architecture Department to manage and facilitate their Vertical Studio Week held in Johannesburg’s inner city and the FADA Building during February 4th – 8th 2013. Working within a facilitated partnership between Dr. Barbara Holtmann, Emma Holtmann and Alexander Opper, as well as employing he precedented work of the Vertical …

Socio Technical Practice Review #1 – Architecture for a Change

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In the early 90’s a seven year old John Saaiman was told by his parents to collect what he could and follow the police officer standing in the doorway to his car. As John gathered his worldly possessions a growing crowd outside his home shouted and danced, attuned to this monumental moment of John’s early life as some amongst them …

Documentary Film: Waterborne

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The film is essentially a passive service delivery protest, the team behind its conception did not want to play into the typical depiction of poverty and despair, but rather capture the cohesion and hope that many informal settlements and other vulnerable communities share. Waterborne Synopsis If you want to understand a community, ask them about their aspirations. Slovo Park is situated in a politically and …

The Slovo Park Project – The start of 1to1

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In 2010, a group of postgraduate students from the University of Pretoria were given the opportunity to analyse and understand the needs, problems and opportunities of the Slovo Park community during their Housing and Urban Environments module. They soon discovered that this community was grounded by a strong, established and open-minded social structure, which gave the residents the confidence and …