Despite passing the 20 year mark of political freedom since 1994, the economic and social scars of spatial segregation in South Africa’s cities and rural areas are arguably the most tangible legacy of our past. In the current spatial and development dilemma of South Africa, there is a distinct lack of spatial design practitioners or systemic projects working on these issues at large. This reality exists while less than 5% of buildings built in South Africa are made by professionals, most are built by people of their own neighbourhoods.


1to1 believes that by flooding the built environment with a large scale force of socio-technically skilled grass roots neighborhood designers who can work between different levels of city making, armed with tactical systems of spatial design practice, we can systemically address spatial inequality by changing the way cities in Souther Africa are made from the ground up. As a country we hold a latent social capital waiting to be activated in every neighbourhood in South Africa that, when unleashed, could re-build our cities inclusively from within while provide a system of income and enterprise in a country that faces high levels of unemployment.