1to1 began in 2010 when a group of students from a local South African University were given an opportunity to work with a highly organised group of informal settlement dwellers and leaders, the Slovo Park Development Forum, as part of their masters programme.

During the initial project of co-designing and building a small tactical intervention in Slovo Park the group were exposed to another way of working and city-making, as people first then as professionals – they sought to grow this additional mode of practice into something that could support similar projects while creating a platform for engagement with other stakeholders and students. This initial student group went on to develop the 1to1 Student Movement into 1to1 – Agency of Engagement and register the organisation in 2012 as legal entity.

The organisation has changed and adapted as the original founders and collaborators have grown to understand and learn how to tactically and systemically address Spatial Inequality in South Africa while managing a sustainable social enterprise.

1to1 continues to grow and shape its offering to address the initial goal of the student movement while encompassing innovative and disruptive elements into the organization’s practice. The underpinning focus that 1to1 now carries is addressing System Spatial Inequality and working Spatial Justice:

SPATIAL JUSTICE as “The understanding that inequality/injustice manifests most clearly into space and the efforts to address this unbalance aim to achieve spatial equity by re-distributing/adjusting the causes of the unjustness“.

SPATIAL INEQUALITY as “The unequal amounts of qualities or resources and services depending on the area or location, such as access to adequate transport opportunities, medical facilitates, economic opportunities, public space or other important societal resources”